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Walking Wheel Assemblies

About Walking Wheel Assemblies


Walking Wheels are a very popular means of adding press wheels to any type of airseeder or combine. Walking Wheels are a dual wheel assembly that run on one single frame. A single wheel version is also available for the “odd” tyne.  The press wheels are positioned on a rocking walking beam at the same spacing as the tynes. All Manutec Walking Wheels are fitted with Integral Hub Press Wheels with the tapered roller bearings and marine seal.

Available in: Fixed and swivel models

Tyre: Can be fitted with any tyre profile from Manutec’s 15″, 16″ or 18″ tyre range

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gray-tick   Value for money

gray-tick   Accuracy

gray-tick   Consistency of pressure

gray-tick   Easy to adjust for varied spacings

gray-tick   Easy access for maintenance




gray-tick   Good trash management

gray-tick   Best assembly for mud management

gray-tick   Great ground clearance

gray-tick   Can be mounted at the exact height of the toolbar

gray-tick   Minimised blockage points around wheel




Twin Walking Wheels


  • Dual wheel assembly that runs on one single frame
  • Walking wheels come in both fixed and swivel models
  • Press wheels are on the rocking walking beam at the same spacing as tynes
  • Delayed swivel at the end of the upper mounting arm improves tracking
  • Walking beam configuration gives two separate staggered rows of wheels





Single Walking Wheels


  • Single wheel assembly that runs on one single frame
  • Used to cover the odd tyne
  • Can also be fitted to a machine on wider spacings
  • Available in both fixed and swivel models
  • Designed to operate across a range of mounting heights from 500 – 900mm







Fixed Walking Wheels


  • Effectively locks the wheels into a set position
  • Great for up and back seeding or hilly country
  • Fixed variants will drag sideways and not follow
  • Available in both twin and single press wheels
  • Ideally the assemblies should be raised during turns







Twin Rocker Press Wheels


  • Fitted onto a sideways rocker unit
  • Dual wheel assembly that runs on one single frame
  • Available in both twin and single models
  • Positioned on a rocking axle side by side on the same spacing as the tynes
  • Perform best in relatively flat country without too many obstacles