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Gang Press Wheel Assemblies

About Gang Press Wheel Assemblies


Manutec Gang assemblies are a popular and simple means of fitting press wheels to most machines. The term gang refers to the fact that the wheels are set up in gangs of multiple wheels all running on a single axle. Depending on the spacings, gangs can be set up with 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 wheels per axle and are usually set up  in a maximum of 6 ft widths.

Manutec carries a standard range of gang parts to suit 7.2”, 9”, 10” and 12” standard spacings.  Non standard spacings are also available.  Each gang has one single quick release mounting arm which is mounted directly onto the rear 4X4 bar on the airseeder.  Manutec also does gang conversions for other makes of gangs such as Flexicoil, Bourgault, Morris and Ezee-On.

Available in: 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 Wheel Models

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gray-tick   Quick release arms

gray-tick   Gangs can be quickly removed and replaced with harrows

gray-tick   Accurately seeds over the seed bed during up and back seeding

gray-tick   Low maintenance as each assembly only has two bearings

gray-tick   Easy access for maintenance

gray-tick   Spacers will never cease onto the shaft

gray-tick   Gang arms and frames are all double re-enforced

gray-tick   Compatible with Flexicoil Heavy Duty Packer mounting arms and harrows



Mount Arm Gang Assembly


  • Ideal for use in applications where interchange ability is vital
  • 18″ wheels and nylon bush centres as standard fitting
  • Available in 7.2″  9″  10″  and  12″ spacings
  • Available in 4-10 wheel configurations






Mounting Arms


  • All U-bolts are supplied with each gang mounting arm
  • Several types of connecting arms are available
  • Range includes standard, wide, long and harrow
  • Can be used to fit gangs into difficult areas