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Australian Leaders in Press Wheel and Walking Wheel Assemblies

With 30+ years of manufacturing press wheels for International and Domestic markets, Manutec has hit the right balance between cost, performance, strength and maintenance.

Manutec does not adopt a one-size-fits-all ideology. Instead, we deliver customised solutions based on your unique set of conditions. 

Manutec not only takes the time to match press wheel tyres to the farm but, match the tyre to the type of machine, the season, the soil types and the crop/s being grown. Through this thorough understanding of your farm, machinery and seeding practices, we can offer best-fit solutions that will ensure improved equipment performance and crop productivity.

Buttocks and buttock machines – Vicodellaforma pharma tren a100 proform cr 610 (# pctl55810) home weight system manuals, user guides, and other materials.

Manutec Press Wheel Innovations

Here are some of our press wheel innovations that have improved farming for Australian conditions.



Manutec Action


Delays in Seeding

Clay sealing over tyres forming an impervious layer for the seed to grow through.

Manutec developed a low pressure, high flex tyre.

Tyres now extensively used by farmers within the region.

Extremely Sticky Rolls

Sticky soil preventing seeding

Within 24 hours Manutec sent 3 tyres options to the farmer to test. By the next business day, a complete set of tyres was shipped.

The farmer was able to make the seeding window, with no interruption to the season.

Clogged with mud

Mud clearance too low, clogging press wheel

Developed press wheel tyres that could be fitted to existing rims. Used rubber compound on rims to improve flex.

Improved mud clearance by 200%. Rubber compound allowed for self -cleaning without scraping.

Tyres wearing out quickly

Fitted tyres wear out too quickly.

Within 2 months Manutec re-engineered a new tyre, that could be fitted onto the existing rim.

Re-engineered tyres for the Bourgault and John Deere Air Hoe Drill in both 3” and 4” widths.

Zero Maintenance System

Manutec doesn’t just offer the best agricultural equipment solutions for your unique farming conditions, but we make maintenance of your freewheel bearing systems more productive and cost-effective.

Manutec’s Zero Maintenance Systems is a risk-free replacement solution for aftermarket press wheels, twin wheel assemblies, gauge wheels and tyres, and as the ideal replacement solution for old, outdated or inadequate equipment.

Our Zero Maintenance Systems completely eliminate products that require extensive maintenance or servicing. Our bolt-on packages are specifically designed to bolt-on and be used on other brands of farm equipment, particularly imported farm equipment. As a result, our clients benefit from …

  • reduced downtime
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • simplified maintenance and
  • increasing productivity

Want to know more …

Manutec equipment can be easily fitted directly to or adapted to be fitted to the following makes of air seeder, combine disc drills or planters:

  • Horwood Bagshaw
  • Flexi-Coil
  • Bourgault
  • Morris Case
  • New Holland
  • John Deere
  • John Shearer
  • A.F. Gason
  • Simplicity
  • Davey AFM

Additionally, Manutec equipment can be found as part of the oem fit out on the following makes:

  • Horwood Bagshaw
  • A.F. Gason
  • Multi-Planters
  • AUSTIL  Knuckey
  • Day Break/Milnes
  • Garnelle/Brymax
  • Sharman
  • Homan
  • Sew-Easy
  • Gessner
  • NDF
  • PHM
  • Clough/Duncan
  • Mooses Metalworks
  • Davey AFM

Walking Wheel Assemblies

Walking Wheels are very popular means of adding press wheels to any type of airseeder or combine. Features include:

  • Available in fixed and swivel models
  • Consistent pressure
  • Easy to adjust
  • Great ground clearance


Tyne Mounted Press Wheel Assemblies

Tyne Mounted Press Wheels are a very simple way of fitting press wheels to most machines. Range includes:

  • Available in Fixed, Fully Adjustable and Semi Adjustable models
  • Leaves the back bar free for harrows
  • Can be used with either 15” or 18” wheels
  • Can be used for any spacing


Gang Press Wheel Assemblies

Manutec Gang assemblies are a popular and simple means of fitting press wheels to most machines. Range includes:

  • Available in 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 Wheel Models
  • Spacers will never cease onto the shaft
  • Compatible with Flexicoil Heavy Duty Packer mounting arms and harrows
  • Quick release arms


Inframe Single Press Wheel Swivel Assemblies

Inframe Assemblies are a great option if having the press wheel close to the tyne is desirable. Range includes:

  • Wheel is close to the tyne
  • Can be fitted with a seed tube on the press wheel arm
  • Inframe press wheels are good at handling mud
  • Can also be fitted to the rear of the machine


Coulter Assemblies

Designed to be used as a trash coulter fitted to the front bar or to a tool bar.  Range includes:

  • Available in single or twin configurations
  • Range of disc options
  • Light, medium and heavy duty springs
  • Suits either 3″ or 4″ mounting brackets


Single Rear Mounted Assemblies

This type of assembly is a simple and cost effective way of attaching press wheels to the rear of a machine. Features include:

  • Available in high or low mount
  • Accurate tracking
  • Easy to adjust
  • Can be used with both 15” and 18” wheels


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