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Tyne Mounted Press Wheel Assemblies

About Tyne Mounted Press Wheel Assemblies


Tyne Mounted Press Wheels are a very simple way of fitting press wheels to most machines. As the Tyne Mount simply piggy backs on to the back of the existing tyne there is no need for toolbars or free space on the bar.

Tyne Mounts are best suited to tynes with medium to high breakout settings and medium to wide tyne spacings. Trash flow is an important consideration when considering Tyne Mounts as is break out. Although Tyne Mounts have many advantages, they are not recommended at all in hard conditions due to the damage caused by tyne break out.

Available in: Fixed, Fully Adjustable and Semi Adjustable models

Tyre: Can be fitted with any tyre profile from Manutec’s 15″ or 18″ tyre range

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gray-tick   Wheel is close to the tyne

gray-tick   Accurate tracking over seed bed

gray-tick   Easy to replace parts

gray-tick   Quick release facility for removing tyne



gray-tick   Leaves the back bar free for harrows

gray-tick   Can be used for any spacing

gray-tick   Can be used with either 15” or 18” wheels





  • Designed to suit curved (C) tynes
  • Adjusted by sliding the bracket up and down the tyne
  • Suits both single and double shooting
  • Works well with Flexi-Coil assemblies





Fully Adjustable


  • Suits curved and straight tynes
  • Can fit on to most tynes and most positions
  • Ideally suited to single shooting
  • Double shooting is possible with standard tubes





Semi Adjustable


  • Suits curved and straight tynes
  • Can be adjusted in two ways
  • Extended throat for single and double shooting
  • Designed for double shooting with oversized tubes