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OzHitch FAQs

Does the OzHitch work with Pajero’s rear door and low spare wheel?

Yes, it’s perfect for Pajero’s and works well as the maximum height of the hitch is only 98mm high from the top side of the bolt on plate to its highest point.


What size socket do I need?

You are best to get the 33mm single hex impact socket for the OzHitch nut.


What is the maximum total height of the caravan hitch?

Maximum height excluding handbrake is 98mm.


Is the large bolt to fit the car side receiver included with a hitch purchase?

Yes, all hitches come with the large connecting bolt.


When towing with the trailer unloaded on a uneven road there appears to be considerable hammering. Will the Oz Hitch be effective in preventing this?

Yes! The OzHitch should eradicate the hammering entirley. All parts have close tolerances and nylon type bushing so no rattles.


Do I need to grease the bushes?

Yes, the bushes on the main swivel body and the vertical pin need some grease but not a lot as they are not a spinning high velocity bush. All offroad caravan hitches need some grease.


Can I use anything other than grease?

Spray silicone can be used on the pin instead of grease so there is no mess and it is easy to wipe of and reapply when it gets dusty.


Do I need any special grease?

No, any grease you have is fine. If you are buying grease specially for the OzHitch, just buy general purpose grease.


Are all spare parts available for the hitches?

Yes everything can be bought as a spare part. .


How is the handbrake fitted? I am interested in the OzHitch, but need a handbrake.

The handbrake is separate to the hitch so that it can be fitted remotely further away from the coupling. The OzHitch was designed to overcome problems with hitches being too high and fouling with doors and gates, so we made it possible to put the handbrake further away and separate to the hitch. The hitch also has the same bolt hole pattern as 2 of the OzHitch’s so if you wish it can be bolted straight to on the back.


Does the handbrake have a ratchet?

Yes, the handbrake has its own onboard ratchet so it can be fitted anywhere you like.


Does the handbrake fit onto the back of the hitches?

The handbrake fits to the back of the 3.5Ton 4 bolt hitch through the same bolt holes/pattern as the hitch. We always suggest to fit handbrakes remotely away from hitch. This prevents door clearance problems etc.


The handbrake doesn’t fit under the big nut on the back of the 3.5T 6 bolt. What should I do?

As above, we always suggest fitting remotely.


So what if I buy a conversion and decide my current hitch back half isn’t good enough and I want to buy the rest of the hitch?

No worries, we will sell you the back end of the off road trailer hitch to complete your unit so you can have a complete OzHitch.


OzHitch is 75-76mm (internal measurements) but my measurements on my Treg between the forks is 85-86mm!

If you notify us on purchase of the hitch that you have a Treg and require spacers, we can include them for you.


Does the OzHitch work with Level riders on the Pajero?

Yes it does but will ONLY work with the older version of the Hayman Reese unit where:

  • It’s the older version (wont work with the latest models)
  • The removable tongue with the vertical bolt holes in it is a 70mm wide welded version (this means it WON’T work with the newer 50mm wide cast unit) .


Can the OzHitch be welded on or only bolted on?

The OzHitch can be welded and bolted on as they are steel cast (not iron).


Would you recommend the use of U bolts to secure the hitch?

No, U-bolts are not designed for securing the hitch as they leave far to much room for error and can be quite dangerous. The better option is to just weld it on.


Do I need to remove the bushes if I weld it on?

We most definitely suggest the removal of the main shaft and bushes if you are going to weld, as the bushes may suffer distortion or melting depending on the level of heat.


Can the OzHitch be fitted inverted? (upside down)

Yes OzHitch can be fitted inverted or on its side. DO NOT fit the car side cradle inverted or on its side.


Would it be ok to use 4 bolts instead of 6 for the 6 bolt hitches?

The 6 bolt unit was designed specifically with the ability to be retro-fitted with another manufacturers bolt pattern so that it is easy to exchange. Always advisable to use all the holes but quite safe to just use the 4 holes so long as 2 of the holes used are the front 2.


What campers and caravans are the OzHitch suitable for?

Our caravan hitches is suitable for all camper trailers and caravans up to 3.5 ton. Narrow internal width between drawbars use the 3.5 ton 4 bolt or if you have 100 mm or over, the 2.5 ton 4 bolt or 3.5 ton 6 bolt can be used.


What is included in the packages and do they include the piece for the car?

Yes the OzHitch comes complete with the car side and trailer side including the bolt to attach and the connecting pin.


Are the bolts for the off road trailer hitch included?

The only bolt included is the bolt to bolt down the car side receiver. The trailer side requires you to buy the bolts separately.


My vehicle is a 120 Series Prado with the cast Reece hitch which is narrower than the Oz Hitch. Will the OzHitch fit?

Yes, the OzHitch comes with adjustment bolts on the underside of the receiver so you can adjust the receiver straight and also stop it from rotating.


What spare parts do you recommend ?

We recommend that you carry a spare connecting pin. If you are going on a long trip then it is also worth carrying a set of spare bushes. Both of these two spare parts weigh very little and take up a very small amount of space. Getting spare parts to outback Australia, is not a quick process.