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Inframe Single Press Wheel Swivel Assemblies

About Inframe Single Press Wheel Swivel Assemblies


Inframe Assemblies are a great option if having the press wheel close to the tyne is desirable without the undesirable affects of a parallelogram or tyne mount.  As the Inframe unit is attached on the bar next to the tyne, it is not subject to either tyne movement or vibration. This means a more consistent pressure over the seed and if the optional seeding attachment is used, a more consistent seed depth.

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gray-tick   Quick release arms

gray-tick   Wheel is close to the tyne

gray-tick   Will track accurately over the seed bed, including during turns

gray-tick   Will maintain consistent pressure across the entire machine

gray-tick   Variable down press is controlled with a tension coil spring

gray-tick   Can be fitted with a seed tube on the press wheel arm


gray-tick   Repair by replacement is a quick option

gray-tick   Inframe press wheels are good at handling mud

gray-tick   Good ground clearance

gray-tick   Can be mounted at exactly the same height as the existing toolbar

gray-tick   Can also be fitted to the rear of the machine








Important considerations when selecting Inframe Assemblies is frame clearance and trash flow. To fit the Inframe units approximately 100mm of available bar must be available either to the left or the right of the tyne.

Inframe units can also be fitted across the rear of the machine. This has proved very successful with Canola growers who also use the optional seeding attachment to spread the canola infront of the press wheel. If fitting to the rear of the machine, it is recommended to have either 12″ or larger spacings or to stagger the unit to help reduce trash build up on the unit.