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About The OzHitch


The OzHitch is a very tough 3.5ton rated, specialty off-road hitch. The OzHitch ADR testing was done by an Australia standard Government ADR accredited facility and reached all its safety and strength testing with ease. The hitch was originally designed to overcome some of the alignment and usability problems experienced by some currently available hitches. Our testing pushed this hitch to 9ton without failure.

The OzHitch is unique in that it is made from a high quality steel using a cast to create a one piece per section method of manufacture. Being steel means it can be welded on and strength qualities come from the fact that there are no weld joins.

Available in: 2 tonne , 2.5 tonne and 3.5 tonne override models




gray-tick   Self Aligning Towing Hitch Cradle

gray-tick   Connects in Seconds

gray-tick   ADR approved to 3.5 Tonne (3.5 Tonne Version)

gray-tick   Very Low Profile

gray-tick   Full Bushing (‘No Rattles’)

gray-tick   Lockable for Security

gray-tick   Double Locking Pin


gray-tick   Huge Off-Road Angles

gray-tick   Tested to Higher than Required Capacities

gray-tick   Fully Galvanised

gray-tick   Bolt or Weld On

gray-tick   Multiple Bolt Patterns Available

gray-tick   Hayman Reese Adaptor Available


What to Avoid


No Bushing

Avoid hitches that don’t have some type of nylon or urethane bushing (not another metal) in all major joints (especially the main rotational body on the trailer side). If you buy a hitch without bushing you will experience rattling and clanking.

Angle restrictions

Be careful of buying a hitch that doesn’t have enough off-road angle ability. Avoid hitches with less than 45 degrees of off-road angle ability. If you are going to do any outback driving, chuck out the standard tow ball and get an OzHitch.

OzHitch FAQs

Fiddly Bits

Avoid hitches that have fiddly parts and too many moving bits. The more functions your hitch has, other than being a simple hitching devise the less reliable it will be.

Difficult Pin location

Use a hitch that has the pin from the side, not the top as hitches with connecting pin from the top and the handle sticking up will limit the offroad angles and also fowl with barn doors and tail-gates. Side access is also much easier to use on overhanging utility bodies.