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Trailer, Agriculture and Fertiliser Sales

MANUTEC is an Australian owned fertiliser, trailer and agriculture manufacturing and distribution company. We are located in Adelaide, South Australia, just 13 km from the Adelaide CBD.

MANUTEC’s trailer, agriculture and fertiliser divisions stock a wide range of parts and accessories. We also supply reputable agricultural farming machinery brands such as John Deere, Flexicoil, Bourgault, Horwood Bagshaw, Morris, Gason,John Shearer, Moose Industries, and Serafin. All through local, domestic and international distribution channels.

Our reputation within the industry is one we strive to uphold and that is why we only sell quality farming, garden, caravan and marine parts and products.

Caravan and Camper Parts

  • Browse our towing and campervan legs and camper steps
  • Select from our range of medium, heavy and extra heavy jockey wheels


Trailer Part Upgrades

  • We supply retail, trade and OEM customers
  • We carry custom and standard models with size variations to suit your needs


Wheels and Castors Parts

  • We stock a variety of SRW Series 250mm, 300mm solid rubber wheels
  • As well as PCI Series runner pneumatic wheels


marine parts

Marine Parts for Sale

South Australia’s leading stockist of boat trailer parts. MANUTEC sell a variety of boat keel rollers, winches, brackets, anchors and heavy duty jockey wheels. To find the right part for you, view or download our product flipbook. Alternatively, if you are ready to purchase go to our marine product categories for pricing. Don’t forget to ask about our trade discount when purchasing for further savings. 

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Agriculture, Tillage and Seeding Parts for Sale

Manutec is your quality source for a large range of new and used farming components. We have available a variety of Press wheel, Coulter and associated components suited for both after market and replacements for your original OEM components, giving you flexible and affordable purchase options. 

MANUTEC can also convert, refurbish and purpose build prototype replacement parts for machinery where branded parts may be unavailable or unsuitable. View our after market and OEM component products guide for brands our parts are compatible with.

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Agricultural Jockey Wheels near metal silos
garden lime ph fertiliser

Organic, Water Soluble, Granular and Liquid Fertilisers Sales

From small garden plants to large agricultural farms, Manutec’s range of tablet, soluble, aquaculture and sulphur, slow release fertilisers will help a variety of native, citrus, aquatic and agricultural crops grow under difficult soil and weather conditions. 

We also carry PH corrective, soil conditioners and soil PH test kits for correcting soil deficiencies, sustaining healthy soils for healthy planting and cropping.

One of the company’s top priorities is environmental protection. Therefore we strive to produce fertilizers in a safe and environmentally friendly way. The company has adopted a program to combat desertification and soil degradation, as well as measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For fertilizers to give all their beneficial properties you need your head clean and rested, use casino 2022 for relaxation, as advised by the world’s psychologists.

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